Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year, New Blog

I have decided to resurrect Cake Bake Farms. I want to have a way to chronicle my baking adventures and I have been taking pictures of pretty much everything I've been baking, so I thought would post them from time to time. I think I shall even post a recipe or two. To tell the truth I'm awful at passing on recipes because I so rarely use them, I tweak almost every recipe I get, not because I'm a master pastry chef (oh how I wish) but because I hate measuring and I love to go with the flow when I'm cooking. However, I love baking and that requires a little more precision. So I think I shall try to do better this year and write some recipes down! I will leave you with two individual dessert items I made over Christmas for your drooling pleasure.

Mini Cherry Cheesecake Tarts

One-bite Christmas Cupcakes

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