Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boy Birthdays

I love girly things and often feel like little boys get the raw end of the deal when it comes to cool stuff. I have vowed to try and make cool boy stuff and not lame pastel blue and yellow things. (no offense to people who like that). I have 2 little boys in my life that I adore who both happened to be named Brock.
This year I got to do both of their birthday cakes! B-Rock and his sister Jodie are my Nousins (Nephew/Niece Cousins) you might remember his little sister's giant birthday cupcake! B-rock turned 3 and is into all things rock-n-roll and motorcycles so they had a Harley flame birthday party for him.
The bottom cake is Chocolate with Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting and the top cake is Strawberry with Vanilla Cream Cheese. It didn't turn out like my original plan, but it was worth hearing B-rock say excitedly "Look at my FIRE cake!"

Now Brock #2 or Boogie as I call him is the smartest kid I've ever known. Boogie turned 2 and adores Thomas the Tank Engine, especially the runaway kite movie. This is the first time ever that a cake turned out exactly like I planned it. I wanted the cake to look like the scenery from the movie so that when the train went around it would look just right. It was awesome to have the train chugging along around the bottom of the cake. Because I love Boogie's mom so much I let her have vanilla and chocolate cake instead of making her choose something more exciting, but I think it still tasted pretty well.

*All the details on both cakes were made out of candy clay...the kids apparently love eating it. I'm heading into my busy season at my "REAL" job, but I have a few awesome weddings coming up so hopefully I'll have time to post!

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