Thursday, December 03, 2009


Nousins= Nephew/Niece Cousins, this is what I call my 1st cousins kids. They are the closest thing to a Nephew and a Niece I have in my life. They call me Tickle and I like that. So for each of their birthdays I put the mixer into high gear and try to give them something they would love. Now, I have to say for the little ladies 1st birthday I was so excited to get to do something so girly and fun! And I learned a few things in the process:
1. The Giant Cupcake pan takes forever to bake and the cake comes out pretty dense.
2. Covering the bottom in Candy clay instead of Fondant (I hate Fondant) was perfect.
3. Simple often turns out cuter than elaborate.
4. Ms. little lady is much better at cake demolition than her older brother was on his 1st birthday!
5. It doesn't matter how much sleep I lose trying to make their cakes perfect, I love my Nousins!

Stay tuned, Big brother is turning 3 in January and I'm determined to make the coolest cake/cupcakes ever!

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linley said...

Those are awesome!

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