Friday, February 22, 2008

D period O period

I have been posting cupcake photos lately, but I wanted to share something very near and dear to my heart today. My friend D.O. is awesome. He hands down has one of the most interesting blogs on the Internet and I thoroughly enjoy reading it weekly. Well, he left Dallas to go to Philly for awhile and his iGo friends miss him a lot. Last week he read my story of overcooked cookies and requested some in here is what you get, the first ever D.O. cookie:
Real D.O. and Cookie D.O.


D.O. said...

In transit the beard grew to cover the entire lower part of my face (mouth included) and my receding hairline moved in the preferable direction: down. Regardless of how they looked, they taste magnificent. At least the first two did.

I've never had a cookie in the shape of me before... until now.

Thanks so much. You rule.

Sarah said...


They DOOO look amazing Lady!

I love you!

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