Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009 Valentine (So Far)

Yay! the first ones of Valentines....have I mentioned lately that I love Valentines Day? These first ones were for a special order that were shipped. My very first shipment of Cupcakes, hopefully they will arrive in one piece and taste just as lovely as they did at home. (Even though I couldn't find fresh raspberries anywhere and had to settle for raspberry yogurt and extract.)
These were made specifically to match the special someone's favorite things, so I give you Vanilla-Berry. Here are the Raspberry Cupcakes getting their tummies full of Raspberry jam.
Then they were topped with Very Vanilla cream cheese frosting and rolled in purple sparkly sugar.
Next the special message was added.
Then the very important stabilizing lollypops and box to keep them from shifting around in the shipping.
And this pic, just because I like it.
A view of the insides....

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