Friday, March 26, 2010


I finally have time to update. Wow it's been a busy, busy time. I have a lot of pics to post coming up in the next few weeks, some from all the way back in January. But first, I want to welcome spring by reviewing a cupcake shop from Sunny California. I finally took a grown up vacation and spent a week enjoying the sunshine, sand, books, fresh fruit, camping, friends and laughing at the crazies on Hollywood blvd.
If you've never been to Hollywood, it's worth a visit to laugh at all the people dressed up as batman or barney or count how many spiderman's you'll see. While strolling along we stumbled upon the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store which happened to be hosting a Mad Hatter cupcake tea party! We didn't have time to stay for the event but decided we better try some cupcakes. Within the Disney store they have a branch of Yummy Cupcakes which offered 6 flavors (I think.) We tried Peanut-butter cup, Chocolate Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Velvet. I'm a pretty tough judge on cupcakes but I really only have two criteria that they should meet.
1) Moist, Fluffy cake
2) Frosting that isn't outrageously sweet
Four different people sampled each one and I made them rank each one. Here are the general thoughts.
PB cup: Liked the PB in the middle, cake was kind of dry. Overall not a bad cake. (Personally it tasted nothing like a PB cup so it should just be called PB chocolate or something.)
Chocolate: Wow, Chocolate overload. Even those of us who like chocolate thought it was a little strong. Cake was pretty good, also had a fudge filling. Not bad, not great. (Personally I liked the frosting on this one the best, the texture was really smooth and there wasn't too much of it.)
Vanilla: One person ranked it #1 but everybody else ranked it last. I think Walmart makes a better vanilla cupcake than this.
Red Velvet: Overall this was the best out of the bunch. Cake was still a little dry but overall not too shabby for mass produced cupcakes. The cream cheese frosting was pretty good but not great.

If you are looking for average cupcakes this is the place for you. That sounds harsher than I mean it. But really there was nothing too spectacular about the cupcakes except that you could get them on Hollywood blvd. But hey, this is just my opinion.

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Matthew Engquist said...

This cupcake shop would be a favorite hangout place of all those who have a sweet tooth. My all-time favorite when it comes to cupcakes is the Black Forest. You've surely enjoy your time strolling around Hollywood Boulevard.

Matthew Engquist

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