Thursday, September 16, 2010

I can blog about more than just Cupcakes right?

Goodbye summer and Hello Fall! I've decided that Cupcakefarms is really more than just cupcakes essentially it's a metaphor for life. Cupcakes are small treats that facilitate the mantra, "all things in moderation." And Farm(s)....well I grew up on a farm. I love that on a farm things are slower, yet somehow the work is harder, more satisfying. On a farm it takes time to plant, grow and cultivate fruit much like the lives we live. So I made an executive decision and gave myself permission to blog about anything I want. I'll still blog about Cupcakes so don't freak out on me.

Today, I want to talk about Homecoming. Yes, I realize I'm not in High School anymore but I love students and I have some thoughts about Homecoming, Homecoming Mums to be specific. I had to run an errand at my favorite wholesale craft place and it was teeming with moms buying baskets full of mum doodads, teddy bears and glitter that threw up on everything. For Example:
These are ridiculous. And I found out today just how much one of these bad boys cost. The moms I talked to were spending $500, to make their own! FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!
Now, I love doing things in life just because they're fun, but this isn't fun, I think they might have back problems from wearing those things. I did some research and you can buy a very modest mum for about $30. But most people probably spend about $150, and that's just for the girls' mum not an outfit or the guys garter.

In Texas we believe, "If it's bigger it's better," well, I don't agree and I dare you to do something else with your money instead of spending it on copious amounts of ribbon, fake flowers, gutted teddy bears, cowbells and glitter. By all means have fun at Homecoming, but buy yourself a $30 mum and then consider doing one of the following with your left over $120.

These are just a few humble suggestions that I hope you'll consider. You might even consider scraping the $30 Mum also. I think some of you are just crazy enough to do it, and if I was guessing you could still have a great time at Homecoming without the big as your entire body fake plastic sparkly feathered necklace thing. I think this has just inspired me to make a Homecoming Cupcake! Watch out it might include every sprinkle and topping I own.

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