Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wales Cupcakes

I forgot to post about my experience in Wales and England with cupcakes! I had this grand idea that I would get to go to a cupcakery across the pond, but I searched and searched and never found the one in London. But I did go to Harrods and they have a huge bakery area and I found fairy cakes (the equivalent to cupcakes) They were more like a chocolate brownie and super rich. Definitely not awful.
Then I stumbled into a bakery in Cardiff, Wales and bought a pink Mother's Day cupcake. It had a strawberry poured fondant icing. and white cake. It was tasty but dry. I wasn't mad at it though.

I will be having some cupcakes when I go back this summer though. My friend is on the hunt there to find the exact location!


insincere™ said...

hiya! where did you get cupcakes from in cardiff? ive never seen anywhere, and i live there! x

Claire said...

The best i've ever had were delivered from The bake them fresh on the day, then ship them out to you. Bit pricey, but you get what you pay for i guess!

teddypip said...

I looked on the wales sites, when I needed a gift for my goddaughter in Pontypool, but was very dissapointed.
when I had found such lovely cakes near where I live.check out cakes made by Queenofcupcakes and
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