Monday, April 21, 2008

Baking with the Hamiltons!

I had a good weekend, a very good weekend indeed! It was a great joy to spend Sunday afternoon baking with our friend Heather and her kiddos. They were such great helpers and so fun. One of the things I love about cupcakes is that they make everyone a little bit like a kid again. Austin and Abbey helped measure, mix and of course taste test! And they were in charge of sprinkles!! We gave them each a bowl to sprinkle over to catch the extras. After all the cupcakes were sprinkled, I was planning on emptying the bowls into a canister to use another day. But, before I could they had planted themselves face down and were licking the sprinkles off the bottom. It was hilarious....and so fun, I just had to capture it on film. I hope that you all will take some time and bake with your kids. If you don't have any kids, have a baking party with your nieces or nephews or friends that have kids, it is so worth it! love ya'll....I'll have new cupcakes up soon. P.S. In all the cupcake baking of Sunday my mixer got a name: MAX. He's a Heavy Duty Kitchen Aid and lately I've spent more time with him than I would care to admit. haha.

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Cute Card Queen said...

Oh my gosh- you got me WAY excited about the cupcakes. I think I went on a tangent of excitment on my blog about it!! :)
Those pinapple cupcakes sound really good. Of course, all of them on your blog sound good. I am so impressed with your flavor and variety. Yum!!
So fun! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Keep up the awesome work!!

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