Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cookies Not Cake....Rated PG-13

I live in a house of 4 girls...we have a blast. On tuesdays we have girl night and it is always a good time of laughter, accountability and growth. Recently E-rock had a birthday so for her big day we decided to make panty cookies instead of a cake. It was a blast...Make your own for a night out with the gals or a bachelorette party. Just make or buy your favorite sugar cookie dough. Roll it out and cut out using a heart cookie cutter. Trim off the pointy end of the hearts and you get the desired shape. Make sure you do this before you bake them. Then whip up some frosting in fun colors and go to town decorating! Here is our panty cookie adventure.


My Sweet & Saucy said...

What cure little bum cookies...I love them!

Katy Krikorian said...

I LOVE it...hahahah I laughed..

Amanda Sturgeon said...

Oh my, those are hysterical, cute and so delicious-looking all at the same time!!

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