Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My dad's birthday

My dad is the best father on earth. Really, I'm not just saying that because I'm biased. He is disciplined, loving and more than anything has led my mother and sisters in such a Godly manner all these years that I just appreciate how he has pointed us back to Jesus over and over again. And he turned 60 this year. We have never thrown him a birthday party where we invited other people outside the family, so we decided it was high time. I really wanted to do something special for the 70 party people we were having so I decided to go against my rule of not doing stacked cakes and make one just for him. The biggest element was the handmade belt buckle out of white chocolate candy clay, hand stamped and painted with edible sliver. I wish you could see it in person, I surprised myself with it. The cake is my dad's favorite: Chocolate with pecans and fudge frosting. Really it should just be called chocolate death, but I'd rather name it after my dad than death. So just ask for The Dad.

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MamaFaMi said...

Your dad is so lucky to have you as his child! Lovely cake!

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