Thursday, September 10, 2009


I resolve to post at least every time I have a new flavor or special decoration order. My full-time job is super busy during the summer so I feel like I'm finally where I have time to blog again. In honor of my job, I'd like to introduce you to my boss: Lance, I call him Shu, he calls me Pistol. He is a father to 4 hilarious kiddos, a visionary leader and knows almost every mascot for every High School in Texas. Shu likes yellow cake with chocolate frosting and I admit it's hard to beat, but for me it's too boring to name after my boss. [Side note: I refuse to make "yellow cake" Yellow is not a flavor it's a color. If you want yellow cake from my kitchen you better be ok with asking for butter cake.] For a guy as interesting as Shu, "yellow cake" just won't cut it. But you know what will? Whopper Cake! Moist Chocolate cake with chocolate malted whipped frosting and topped with the delicious Whopper. Shu says this is his favorite cupcake, I guess I know exactly what he'll want for his birthday.

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Lonestarshu said...

Really? I have to wait till my birthday to enjoy whopper cake? Dang. Your boss keeps you too busy during the summer I guess.

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